What we do

We are Union with vast knowledge and skill in appropriate dispute resolution, negotiations, Mediations, labour and industrial relations expertise to oversee compliance with the unions negotiated contracts and collective bargaining agreements of its members.

Industrial & Labour Relations

Why join us:

We have the mandate to negotiate higher wages, improved benefits and better working conditions for our members.

We periodically review and negotiate Condition of service on behalf of our members.

We ensure our members and their dependents are provided for in terms of negotiated welfare packages from their employers.

Our members are guaranteed union advocacy in the work place. The union has the power to determine disciplinary actions, including termination, which generally equates to greater job security. Our members are given power through collective voice and heard through negotiations in order to maintain productivity.

Training & Seminars

As a union of professionals, we partner with relevant stakeholders to provide a variety of training and learning solutions for teams and members in the various work groupings in the work environment. Our training is designed to improve the skills of workers (our members) and their capabilities in their current jobs and support their ongoing professional career development.

Our training is usually classified into: Technical: Skills specific Professional trainings: Ethical and standard procedures and processes within the working environment.

Job Match & Job Security

We help our members find the best match for jobs through our networks with employers across industries and institutions.

We also ensure that our members are protected within the period of their employment contract and not fired “at-will” by their employers. As a unionized member you can only be fired for what is called “just cause”. There must be evidence of misconduct and any disciplinary action will usually go through arbitration or agreed grievance procedure. This means job security for the period of contract of employment.

Social Intervention

the implementation of TIP negotiated condition of service, and welfare benefits including provident funds.
Industrial Relations Policies and practices of the Government and employers and make recommendations.
that the welfare Fund is properly administered to the benefit of union members
General advice on policies and programs that will enhance welfare and living standards of members as well as their social interaction.

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