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Good condition of service is what every worker yearns for. Negotiating these conditions as an individual or independently is not as effective as coming together with a unified voice. Workers all over the world recognize the importance of organized labour in championing this agenda to the ultimate satisfaction of the worker and also to enhance productivity at the work place.

Telecom and IT Professionals Union (TIP) seeks to maintain that balance between the employer and the worker; ensuring both the worker and the employer meet their obligations to one another as partners in business whose sole and ultimate interest is to delight the consumer, client or customer and get rewarded for the effort and contribution as partners in business.

TIP responsibility is also to provide the necessary platform for continuous career development and skill specialization of its members and encourage highest level of professionalism and ethical standard amongst its members.

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Who we are

Founded in November 2017, TIP has become an umbrella organization for all Telecom, Electrical and ICT Professionals and support workers across industries and institutions in Ghana especially the Telecom and IT industry.

We are registered as a trade union to engage and negotiate for better and fair condition of service with employers on behalf of all its members and also ensure that employer’s obligations towards its members are met. It is also to promote higher professional standards and increased productivity amongst members as Professionals.

Crucial to our success as a professional union is our core values: Leadership; Integrity; Innovation and Professionalism. These values underpin every action, reaction and interaction to ensure we deliver “effective and efficient service” to our members and their employers.

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To promote and protect the socio-economic and professional career of Telecom and ICT Professionals in the various industries and also defend their right and interest as workers at all times.


To unite all Telecom, Electrical and ICT professionals and allied workers across various industries and institutions into one strong body, to strive for better and improved working conditions of service and friendly working environment.

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